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Nowadays, anybody who wants to learn how to play the guitar is basically faced with two options. You can choose between getting a private tutor and taking online guitar lessons. One reason why the second option is the most favored is because it`s cheaper and more convenient. In a lot of cases, the lessons are totally free. There are lots of online platforms for learning to play the guitar but today we are looking at We shall discuss some of the major features of the site as well those that we think make it a great option. However, where necessary, we will also point out the downsides of using the site.

It’s for everyone is one of the many sites that offer free online guitar lessons. This is quite a plus—at least from the perspective of guitarist. In addition, when we say that the site is for everyone, we also mean that guitarists with different skill levels are welcome to the site. Unlike in some other sites, offers courses that are tailored to meet the needs of novices. This is to say that no previous skill is required to use

In addition, this platform is also suitable for people who wish to learn either acoustic or electric guitar and courses are also designed to meet both needs.

Site Organization

It is a common experience for many guitarists to find it difficult to navigate through some of these websites. Some websites do not have their guitar lessons organized in a proper way; they are simply stuffed with hundreds or even thousands of videos that are not categorized. However, the situation is quite different with On the homepage of the website, the lessons are neatly grouped into specific categories. For example, there is a “beginner guitar quick start series”, a “rhythm guitar quick start series as well as a “lead guitar quick start series”. The site is just so beautifully organized.

Structured lesson plan

On the Guitarlessons site, it is possible to have a properly structured and step by step learning program through the Guitarlessons academy. In the Guitarlessons academy, the student is provided with step by step video lessons. In this program, it is possible for a student to keep track of his progress. There also lots of exciting features such as live video broadcasts, and comprehensive support. The video broadcasts are normally used for live question and answer sessions as well as getting the student to participate in “play along” sessions. The comprehensive support offered in the Guitarlessons academy enables student-guitarists to submit questions at any time in the forum—and get help instantly. However, a fee has to be paid in order to access the academy.

Moderate library boasts a wide collection of guitar lessons which include rock, blues, funk, country, and many others. More and more videos are added every day to Guitarlessons, giving it hundreds or possibly a few thousand tutorial videos. In spite of the fact that videos are continually being added, Guitarlessons is still very much behind some other notable websites that have as many as 10000 videos. However, when one considers that Guitarlessons has only been around for a few years, it`s easy to see that the number of its collections are quite substantial.

The tool box

It is very interesting to know that anyone could get 50 free guitar lessons from Guitarlessons just by signing up. The 50 lessons in the “tool box” cover the essentials of learning to play guitar. After receiving lots of free guitar lessons, you could choose to subscribe to the Guitarlessons academy which comes with a 90 day money back guarantee. This should be very attractive to a beginner guitarist as it gives you confidence on the quality of training that you will receive.

Customized video experience

In nearly all guitar lesson sites, the videos are prepared in HD. This may make it impossible for students who have a poor network to access the videos. However, at Guitarlessons, the quality of the video is dependent on the internet speed of the student. When the network is poor, the videos can be viewed in low quality format—and this is done automatically.

In conclusion, we have examined various aspects of the free guitar lessons offered by Guitarlessons and from our discussion, it`s easy to see that this site would be a great choice for most guitarists. Not only is the site easy to navigate, there is also an opportunity for learners to receive live lessons through the academy.

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