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Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, are VERY enthusiastic about what they do and work hard to find the coolest new smoking accessories which they can ship anywhere in the world. Their team can answer all your questions, provide a fun, easy shopping experience, and get your stuff to you safely and discretely. Over the last 10 years they have grown into one the most successful online headshops, have an amazing counterculture community forum with half a million members and a very informative online magazine!

The History of Grasscity

Before was launched in 2000, was a small website selling smoking accessories and providing Amsterdam tourism information. It developed into a new website that over time became much more than just a busy online headshop. It started with a vision to become a meeting place for people interested in smoking and alternative lifestyle discussions, as well as a hang-out spot and global forum for everything smoking-related.

The Grasscity Headshop

Noble Glass Bong

The items they sell in their Headshop are hand-picked to offer the widest selection, from grinders and rolling papers to individual one-of-a-kind glass bongs, pipes, oil rigs and bubblers. They have hand pipes, water pipes and recyclers to concentrate accessories, dabbers and nails, if you want it they probably sell it!
They have a huge range of items. Their selection of rolling papers includes brands such as RAW, Bulldog, Smoking and Mascotte. They have vaporizers like Storz & Brickel and PAX. High-end glass, with custom pieces and collaborations with ROOR, Grace Glass, Weed Star, Black Leaf and glass artist collectives from the USA like American Glass Works, Grav Labs, Medicali Glass, Pulse, Noble Glass, Jerome Baker Design and many more.
Grasscity focuses a lot on customer satisfaction, and their team works hard to provide value for money, free shipping and discreet packaging as well as prompt and professional support. They also offer bulk discounts and special discounts for members and loyal customers and you can even follow them on Facebook and Instagram for contests, giveaways and sale details.

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The Grasscity Forums

Their Forum has over 600,000 members, 20 million posts, and 40 million impressions per month. It is lively place where like-minded people come together to share information and opinions. Their members have created a vibrant, welcoming community with discussions on various aspects of counterculture, freedom of speech, and anything related to medical marijuana cultivation, usage and enjoyment.

The Grasscity Magazine

Their online magazine has loads of useful articles on health, lifestyle, and marijuana growing as well as cannabis business and news updates, and product and brand reviews.

Why not visit and check out what they have to offer?

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