The Lost Book of Remedies Review

Lost Book of Remedies Review

Millions of people around who suffer from insomnia or sleep issues, drink a cup of chamomile tea before bed because they know that the tea is calming and helps them to sleep. This is a perfect example of a herbal remedy. But most of us don’t even give these natural remedies much thought.

The Greek physician, Hippocrates, who is considered to be the father of modern medicine once said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food.”, and he most probably meant eating healthy herbs and foods to boost your immunity and health.

No one ever ate a double cheeseburger to cure an upset stomach, however, a cup of ginger tea will probably alleviate that upset stomach in no time. That’s the power of a natural remedy, but unfortunately, most people are unaware of these natural remedies and finding them can be a hassle.

Thats why ‘The Lost Book of Remedies’, which is ALL about natural remedies, has become a bestseller online, selling thousands of copies around the world.

So let’s see what this ‘lost book’ is all about…

What is The Lost Book of Remedies?

This book, which you can get online, as an actual book or both, is like finding the most effective natural remedies for absolutely everything you can think of. From diseases to indigestion, mental health to cancers, the common cold and flu an even snake bites, you name it and you will probably find a natural solution for it in this guide.

The Lost Book of Remedies is THE ultimate book of all the natural ingredients you can use from the earth to treat a vast array of illnesses, diseases, bumps, bruises and health concerns. It shows you the natural remedies people have used for thousands of years before modern day medicine took over, and because they’re natural, they don’t have the potentially dangerous side effects many of the medicines used today do.

All of the ingredients can easily be found, even in your own backyard, and you will learn how to identify each ingredient, and how to harvest, grow and use them. So, if you’re always searching online for natural remedies, The Lost Book of Remedies gives all of them to you, and much more.

The Lost Book of Remedies lists such a wide variety of ingredients you can get from the earth, that in order to make it easy to find the ones you’re looking for, the author of has separated the different plants, herbs, weeds and other elements of the earth into categories specific to where you can find them.

For example, the natural remedies that you learn how to use can be found in the following areas:

  • Backyard Weeds
  • Forests and Woodlands
  • Wild Plants in Great Plains
  • Trees and Shrubs
  • Coastal Tropical, and Water Loving Plants
  • Nationwide Plants
  • Household Remedies

The Main Features of The Lost Book of Remedies:

▶ The biggest selling point of this book is that it’s huge. At around 300 pages, you can find just about any remedy you want for the most common ailments and so this is the only book of natural remedies you will ever need.

▶ The authors, Claude Davis and Dr. Nicole Apelian are experts in their own right and know what they’re talking about.

▶ The instructions in the book are very detailed and show you how to prepare the recipes step-by-step, and most of the plants/herbs required for the recipes can be easily obtained or found.

▶ The remedies in this guide can be used to treat indigestion, inflammation, hypertension, the common cold and much, much more, and for some things there are more than one remedy. This is a good thing because holistic remedies may not work on everyone, and while ginger tea may work wonders for one person, it may have no effect on another, so having a variety of recipes gives you more options to treat your condition and see which one works for you.

The Lost Book of Remedies is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee, so there is zero risk here for you. You can always get a refund if you’re not 100% satisfied it.

The product is available as a digital download, so you can access it immediately upon payment with no waiting. You could be brewing a natural remedy within 20 minutes of purchase, which is fantastic.

▶ There is also an option to get a real physical book or both a digital and a physical book, you just pay extra for the shipping.

The product has 2 bonuses – The 72 Square Feet Garden of Medicine & The Disaster Medicine booklet. Both are highly useful and since Claude Davis is an expert survivalist, you can trust the information in these books.

Overall, the product is definitely value for money. It teaches you self-sufficiency, nutrition, and how to prepare remedies for many different thing and the information is tried and tested.

Should You Get It?

Yes! There’s no other book quite like it.

This is a very comprehensive resource that can almost be considered the benchmark for the topic on herbal remedies.

Claude Davis is a very experienced survivalist who truly knows his stuff, and his co-author, Dr. Nicole Apelian is a qualified biologist who has been featured on the History channel. They’re NOT a couple of unqualified hippies nibbling on weeds and roots.

With current farming practices, our foods are usually grown on nutrient-deficient soil and as a result, foods today lack many of the nutrients and benefits that our ancestors used to enjoy, and this poorer nutrition, is leading to a rise in health issues.

Herbal remedies will help boost your immune system and pick up the slack in your diet, so you won’t need to spend lots of money on supplements anymore.

These herbal remedies are so good that you’ll see and feel the difference once you make them a part of your life.


  • Everything works, so there’s no guessing: The methods that you get from The Lost Book of Remedies are well tested and clinically proven to solve problems from their root cause.
  • Detoxify and fill your body with great nutrients: The guide will help you to do away with the toxins from your body with any side effects.
  • Invest your money in what really matters: The Lost Book of Remedies is relatively cheap and affordable, and there are zero risks in using the listed herbs and ingredients.
  • Everything is natural: The main purpose of this book is to help you balance your health by the use of natural herbs and ingredients.
  • The authors are experts and have delivered a complete system.
  • It’s risk-free with a 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • Be cautious: You need to follow the steps provided properly for you to achieve the best results, otherwise it might not work.


People are spending large amounts of their hard-earned money on medication and supplements and it’s time to stop! That’s the biggest benefit for me, and the main reason I wrote this Lost Book of Remedies review.

Big Pharma addresses one symptom but can worsen others and have many side effects, and they want you to depend forever on their meds, but you already know this. However, you can start saving money and getting healthier NOW!

I honestly advise you to try out this guide. 

First of all, it’s based on natural remedies so, side effects and complications are either reduced or removed, and secondly, the ingredients are accessible and easy to process. So, you save time, money, and get better.  

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